Hello, I'm Eloisa,
and I solve problems.
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My work

I am a Multimedia Designer for a resort company who currently manages six CMS websites {Wordpress powered and a second CMS Travel company}, most of my work has been concentrated in evolving the UX/UI of the resort sites, helping define, strengthen and differentiate the brand and improving site experience and performance. I have worked as an independent designer {graphic and surface design} since 2008, winning multiple awards and recognitions in public design websites like Spoonflower, my work has been featured in shows like Surtex and Blueprint.

As a UI/UX Design Graduate from The Iron Yard Raleigh where I learned Front-End Development utilizing HTML, CSS, Javascrip and JQuery, I apply my analitical style to create easy, user-centered designs.

Methodologies used:
Agile | SWOT | Color Theory | UX |

Coding Languages:
HTML | CSS | SASS | JQuery | Javascript | CMS |

My Illustrations

I like to think that my design style is sophisticated, modern, with a hint of whimsy. I genuinely enjoy playing with colors, putting shapes together, and making things pretty. I have many years of experience creating digital design for the textile industry.

Through my research on trends and color schemes, I come up with illustrations that are pleasant to the eye and relevant to the project I'm working on.

My previous design experience include textile and surface design, logos and posters.

My favorite design tools:
Illustrator | Photoshop | Sketch |

Methodologies used:
Agile | SWOT | Color Theory | UX |

wallpaper by eloisa
dolls made
My Product Design

Products are very curious, they typically come from the spark of an idea. After heavy user research, these products can transform into something else.

Fine-tuning the original idea, considering the user findings, allow for the design of a great and successful product.

In the past, I've been involved with product development projects, from determining an original need, to coming up with an idea, to developing that idea into a product or a service, moving onto user interviews, fine-tuning the elements, and coming up with a great plan.

Methodologies used:
Agile | SWOT | UX |

My Videos

I develop all video and photo content consistent with brand identity and social media strategy for a resort company. I use island and resort shots to communicate sales and promotions.

My favorite video tools:
After Effects | Premier Pro |

Methodologies used:
Agile | SWOT | Color Theory | UX |

wallpaper by eloisa