Eloisa Docton

Hello, I'm Eloisa,
and I solve problems.
Hello, I'm Eloisa,
and I solve problems.
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Designer. Illustrator. Developer

I've’ve worked on a variety of projects, each with a unique problem set and perspective. Some of the things I really enjoy working on are:

- Illustration

- Animation

- Video

- User Experience

- Web Design

- Social Media

Designer. Illustrator. Developer

Cool stuff I use

wallpaper by eloisa
wallpaper by eloisa



"Eloisa is a wonderful person, an amazing designer and smart as a whip. I first knew of her as an artist on Spoonflower and always greatly admired her design chops and color skills. I loved working with her at Spoonflower because she was so fun and friendly, but also as a resource to collaborate on design. I can always trust her to give great artistic criticism and voice her opinion in a constructive way.
I'm constantly impressed by her initiative, especially this past year when she pursued an education in front end coding to add to her already impressive resume. If you're looking for someone hardworking with a fantastic attitude and super skills, Eloisa is your woman!"
- Caroline Okun, Art Director for StoneTimber

"I spent three months studying with Eloisa at The Iron Yard in Raleigh, NC. During this time I discovered Eloisa's extreme talent in rapid design, wireframing, and prototyping. She has the ability to go from nebulous idea to mid-fidelity in a matter of minutes.
Eloisa is a great team member, who gets along with everyone and has the ability to bring a group together to generate a product worth creating. I enjoyed working with her and learning from her vast wealth of design knowledge."
- Ashley Massengill, Front End Developer, Coalmarch Productions

"Eloisa is both a delight to work with and a highly talented UI and graphic designer. She will come up with an ambitious, beautiful, and sophisticated design no matter what the project might be. She is a master at the Adobe Creative Suite, she can code, and she's truly a positive presence and effective communicator. I am confident that she would excel in any role and any team is lucky to have her!"
- Lina Breslav, Designer, Smashing Boxes

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Eloisa on the Customer Service team at Spoonflower, and can say confidently that she is a rare gift as a teammate. Eloisa constantly showed a very high level of compassion, empathy, productivity, efficiency and creativity in her job, and you could tell that she takes immense pride in her work. Eloisa is always looking for how to solve a problem, never settling for the status quo, she uses her creativity and initiative to improve any situation, even if it means putting in extra work which she often did if it meant getting the job done right. In addition to being one of the hardest workers I know, her upbeat spirit is so strong and contagious, that it lifts up everyone around her. It is impossible to be sad around Eloisa. Her combined talents for interacting with people, unparalleled work ethic, and her creativity and problem solving nature make her a god-send to any company lucky enough to have her on their team."
- Theresa Rizzuto, Email Marketing Manager, Craftsy

"Great girl, but terrible cook!"
- Eloisa Rivera, Mom