Eloisa Docton

Eloisa Docton

UI Design & Website Management:
Divi Resorts

When I joined Divi Resorts they had been functioning without a designer for 2 months. For a company that owns 6 websites, creates promotions every month, and are in need of countless materials, let's just say: I certainly had my work cut out for me!
Some of the work-in-progress has involved a lot of design thinking, stakeholder meeting, and hair pulling. The goal is to discover and implement User Experience guidelines by debugging and translating user stories.
Some of the updates and improvements I implemented included:
- Uniformed buttons throughout the website
- Simplification of branding colors
- Page organization
- Banner and graphic creation
- Heat Maps and analytics are used to determine customer journeys

Summer Sale

Because we combined the promotion with an Instagram competition, I decided to use the pink and orange tones, to give the promotion the same "feel".

Divi Links

The first website I tackled was the Divi Links website. This was a brand new website when I joined Divi Resorts, created by an outsourced vendor with Wordpress, a few weeks after the launch, the Divi Links office started receiving complaints and reports from customers about various issues, one of them was as simple as never receiving replies to their reservations requests.
When I assessed the situation, I discovered that the only page that was "live" was the Index. The rest of the pages of the website had been left under the developer-status. Of course, this was the first correction I made, since I was already working on this website, I decided to continue which lead me to discover User Interface issues such as patterns mismatching, too many clicks for a goal, no integration with the reservations system, and other smaller design/aestetic problems.
Other things I did for this website was edit photos to enhance colors and vibrancy to properly represent a popular golf website on the Caribbean.